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“We believe in excellence and achieve it through education. We take pride in who we are and celebrate each others differences. We are many races but united in one belief. That awareness brings acceptance and diversity makes us strong.”

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ROC is a non-profit organization that promotes higher education for everyone and is specifically geared toward people of color.

Due to ROC being a non-profit organization, we rely on our full-time college and university students to carry a heavy load. On top of full-time class schedules and, more often than not, working full or part-time jobs;

Here are the requirements of our Volunteer ROC Members:

  • Must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA
  • Have 12+ college credit hours
  • Volunteer 10 Hours a week for practices
  • Raise money to pay for Mid-semster and Spring Tours
We believe that education will take us to heights never imagined. Through song and dance coupled with the message of reaching higher goals in education, we can spark the light within others. It is important to know who you are but more importantly... where you can go!

With your help we can continue to light the way and continue to spread the message of hope, diversity and education.

If You would like to contribute a charitable to donation to Remembering Our Culture (ROC) please click the donate button below.