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“We believe in excellence and achieve it through education. We take pride in who we are and celebrate each others differences. We are many races but united in one belief. That awareness brings acceptance and diversity makes us strong.”

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Multicultural Services of Utah (MSU) was organized in June of 2001. Remembering Our Culture (ROC) was created to retain students of color in college thru means of a performing group which provided students with an incentive to perform well Artistic Directors are Michael Campbell, a Native American Iroquois Cayuga, and Lluvia Campbell, Mexican.


Currently as a federally organized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MSU continues to place its highest priority on the academic success of students and aims at improving each student’s self image through a cultural showcase of song and dance - where stage presence, academic success, leadership involvement and the enhancement of cultural socialization skills develop.

From humble beginnings, MSU has provided opportunities for Multicultural college students to be of service to their own people and communities, valuing three purposes: first, to increase awareness of American minority cultures; second, to promote social interaction among Multicultural college students and an understanding among themselves about American minority cultures; third, to provide educational opportunities representative of American minority cultures. MSU/ROC are now in their 11th year.