“We believe in excellence and achieve it through education. We take pride in who we are and
celebrate each others differences. We are many races but united in one belief. That awareness brings
acceptance and diversity makes us strong.”

Who We Are

ROC (Remembering Our Culture) is a multicultural performing group located in Orem, Utah. We are a non-profit organization made up of college students that strive to share our culture and beliefs through song and dance.

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What We Do

Throughout the school year we have musical firesides where we sing religious songs. We also perform dances from Native American, Latin, Polynesian, African and Asian cultures. We perform at school assemblies in Utah, have an annual dance show at the end of the school year and also go on tour. This year we will be going to New York.

Our Purpose

Through song and dance, we encourage multicultural students to go to and graduate from college.

How You Can Help